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SCHOLA - chamber choir

chola sings from a repertoire spanning eight centuries, performing works both familiar and rare, with a passion that stimulates the listener to longings and delights, sorrows and joys.

We are a chamber choir based in north Wiltshire - though we sing throughout the south of England and beyond.    Formed in 2011, Scholaas a small group consisting of friends of the conductor, David Dewar, we have now slightly expanded the numeric strength though we are still very happy to consider applications to join in all voice parts - see below.  We aim to bring appropriate performance styles to our concerts, and are equally at home in large and small venues, in generous acoustics and in intimate concerts in village churches - perhaps we should say we're just keen to sing!

We sing music from the 13th century to the present day.   Naturally this encompasses both secular music and music written for use in religious contexts.   Many of our members have experience in sacred music, and we perform in both secular venues and in singing concerts and services in cathedrals and churches.   Schola occasionally provides opportunities for other choral singers to work with us in rehearsal, and, subject to ability, to sing with us in the services.

Vocati sumus Schola quia sumus disciplina nos in cantantes Choralis music, specialiter de Tudor et Jacobean periodos, sit conveniens penicullus.  Kammerkoret Schola har specialiseret sig i at synge musik af Tudor og Jacobean perioder, i en passende stil.

We are keen to sing for charities to assist with their profile and fundraising, this could be a concert or similar format.   We are also happy to visit churches to sing Compline or Choral Evensong, and/or to run workshops for local singers on the music for such services.




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